Monday, February 1, 2010

MadLib Monday 9: 2/1/10

I haven't done my weekly MadLib Monday feature in, um, a few months (give or take), but I've missed doing it.  It's fun to create the MadLibs and even more fun when people send in guesses as to what book was used for the week.  And so, it is with great joy (or should I say 'joie') that I am bringing back the MadLib feature.  Welcome back.

Here is the list of words you'll need to complete the MadLib below:

  1. Proper Title (e.g., Queen of England)
  2. adverb
  3. possessive noun (e.g., Nick's)
  4. verb--past tense
  5. noun--singular
  6. noun--plural
  7. verb--past tense
  8. noun--singular
  9. verb--past tense
  10. noun--plural
  11. noun--singular
  12. adjective
  13. adjective
  14. verb
  15. noun--singular
  16. Proper Title (different from #1)
  17. noun--singular
  18. verb
  19. verb--present participle (e.g., walking)
  20. noun--singular
  21. noun--plural
  22. verb--past tense
  23. verb--present tense (e.g., walks)
  24. adjective
  25. verb--present tense
  26. adjective
  27. noun--singular
  28. verb
  29. adverb
  30. noun--singular

As a side matter of business, there are only two days left to vote in the weekly poll, which is located in the left-hand sidebar.  If you haven't done so already, head over there and cast your vote.  The question asks you whether you're more inclined to buy an author's book because of their online presence.  And then on Wednesday, I'll be writing about the inspiration for that question.

Here is the picture that accompanies this week's MadLib passage; the picture is from the cover of the book, which the passage is taken from:

The ___(1)___ knelt before her.  "Is this what you ___(2)___ choose, to risk ___(3)___ chill?"

She ___(4)___ him--the ___(5)___ she'd fallen in love with these past ___(6)___.  She'd never ___(7)___ he was something other than ___(8)___, but now his skin ___(9)___ as if ___(10)___ flickered just under the ___(11)___, so ___(12)___ and ___(13)___ she couldn't look away.  "It's what I ___(14)___."

"You understand that if you are not the ___(15)___, you'll carry the ___(16)___'s chill until the next ___(17)___ risks this?  And you'll ___(18)___ her not to trust me?"  He paused, ___(19)___ at her with ___(20)___ in his ___(21)___.

She ___(22)___.

"If she ___(23)___ me, you will tell the ___(24)___ girl and the next" --he moved closer-- "and not until one ___(25)___, will you be ___(26)___ of the ___(27)___."

"I do ___(28)___."  She smiled as ___(29)___ as she could, and then walked over to the hawthorn ___(30)___.

Can you guess which book the picture and passage were taken from?

Answer to the last MadLib Monday (from way back in November): Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman.  Congrats to Angie for guessing that correctly.

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