Monday, February 8, 2010

MadLib Monday 10: 2/8/10

Welcome back to MadLib Monday!  This is officially my tenth MadLib Monday, and I'm glad you're here to be a part of it.  Even if you don't particularly enjoy doing MadLibs, you should scroll down to the picture and passage from the book to see if you can guess what book they were taken from.  Sometimes the picture will give it away, sometimes you'll recognize the passage even with 30 or so words missing from it.  It's a fun challenge, and I'd like to start a contest of sorts if I can get enough readers participating in it.

I haven't listed the "rules" of MadLib lately, so I thought I'd add a few refreshers here today.  If verb is listed, then just provide the base form of the verb (e.g., walk, eat); if verb - present tense is listed, provide the third-person singular form of the verb (e.g., walks, eats); if verb-past tense is listed, provide the simple past of the verb (e.g., walked, ate); if verb - present participle is listed, provide the -ing form of the verb (e.g., walking, eating); finally, if verb - past participle is listed, provide the form you would use after have (e.g., walked, eaten).  The nouns are simpler: if nothing is specified, you can list either the singular or plural forms; otherwise, use the specifications (e.g., singular, plural).

  1. verb - past tense
  2. adjective
  3. verb - present participle
  4. noun - plural
  5. noun - girl's name
  6. noun
  7. verb
  8. adjective
  9. verb - present participle
  10. noun
  11. verb - past tense
  12. noun
  13. verb - past tense
  14. verb - past tense
  15. noun - girl's name (same as #5)
  16. noun - singular
  17. verb - present participle
  18. noun
  19. noun
  20. verb
  21. verb - past participle
  22. noun
  23. adjective
  24. adjective
  25. adjective
  26. noun
  27. verb - past participle
  28. verb - past tense
  29. noun - singular (same as #16)
  30. noun
  31. noun - singular (same as #16)
  32. noun
  33. noun - girl's name (same as #5)
  34. verb - past participle
  35. noun - plural
  36. noun - boy's name
  37. noun
  38. noun - boy's name (same as #36)
  39. noun - girl's name (same as #5)
  40. adverb

While you finish up your list of words and get ready to put them into a passage from a book, I'd like to plug the poll question located in the left-hand sidebar.  You have until Wednesday to vote; on Wednesday, I will be posting the results and writing about the question itself.  This week's question is about series of books--specifically about what draws you into a series.  Head on over there and vote, if you haven't already.

Here is a picture from the cover of the book that goes along with this week's passage:

Rain ___(1)___ that night, a ___(2)___, ___(3)___ rain.  Many ___(4)___ later, ___(5)___ had only to close her ___(6)___ and she could still ___(7)___ it, like ___(8)___ fingers ___(9)___ on the ___(10)___.  A dog ___(11)___ somewhere in the ___(12)___, and however often she ___(13)___ and ___(14)___ ___(15)___ couldn’t get to sleep.

The ___(16)___ she had been ___(17)___ was under her ___(18)___, pressing its ___(19)___ against her ear as if to ___(20)___ her back into its ___(21)___ ___(22)___.  “I’m sure it must be very ___(23)___ sleeping with a ___(24)___, ___(25)___ thing like that under your ___(26)___,” her father had ___(27)___ the first time he ___(28)___ a ___(29)___ under her ___(30)___.  “Go on, admit it, the ___(31)___ whispers its ___(32)___ to you at night.”

“Sometimes, yes,” ___(33)___ had ___(34)___.  “But it only works for ___(35)___.”  Which made ___(36)___ tweak her ___(37)___.  ___(38)___.  ___(39)___ had ___(40)___ called her father anything else.

Can you guess what book the picture and passage were taken from?

Answer from last week's MadLib Monday:  Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr.  Here is the full picture of the cover of that book:

I love the cover of that book--in fact, I bought the book because I liked the cover so much.

Happy reading!

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