Monday, October 26, 2009

MadLib Monday 4: 10/26/09

Welcome to another MadLib Monday!  If you need a refresher on the directions, please refer to the first MadLib Monday post.  Without further ado, let's get started.

  1. noun (singular)
  2. location
  3. verb (past tense)
  4. adjective
  5. noun
  6. verb
  7. verb (past participle)
  8. noun (singular)
  9. noun (singular)
  10. noun
  11. person
  12. comparative adjective (+ -er)
  13. noun
  14. adjective
  15. noun
  16. adjective
  17. noun (plural)
  18. verb (past participle)
  19. adjective
  20. verb (past tense)
  21. noun (same noun as #5)
  22. noun
  23. verb (present participle)
  24. verb (present participle)
  25. verb (past tense)
  26. noun (singular)
  27. adjective
  28. adjective
  29. noun (same noun as #5)
I interrupt this MadLib experience to bring your attention to the left sidebar, where the poll question of the week is posted; so far, it has 4 votes, which is an increase from last week but still a bit shy of my goal of 10 votes.  Please take a look at that and cast your vote before Wednesday.  Also, the new book of the week is actually a series of books: Harry Potter.  In the spirit of Halloween, I chose the Harry Potter books because they feature magic; on top of that, I also chose the books because I really enjoy them.  I send out a big thank you to my aunt for getting me to read the first four books back in the summer of 2002.  They may be marketed for kids, but they're amazing books for readers of all ages.

The picture that accompanies the MadLib for this week is below:

Last ___(1)___ I dreamt I went to ___(2)___ again.  It seemed to me I ___(3)___ by the ___(4)___ gate leading to the ___(5)___, and for a while I could not ___(6)___, for the way was ___(7)___ to me.  There was a(n) ___(8)___ and a(n) ___(9)___ upon the gate.  I called in my ___(10)___ to ___(11)___, and had no answer, and peering ___(12)___ through the rusted ___(13)___ of the gate I saw that the lodge was ___(14)___.

No smoke came from the ___(15)___, and the little ___(16)___ windows gaped forlorn.  Then, like all ___(17)___, I was ___(18)___ with ___(19)___ powers and ___(20)___ like a spirit through the ___(21)___ before me.  The ___(22)___ wound away in front of me, ___(23)___ and ___(24)___ as it had always done, but as I ___(25)___ I was aware that a(n) ___(26)___ had come upon it; it was ___(27)___ and ___(28)___, not the ___(29)___ that we had known.

Can you guess the book the picture and passage were taken from?

Answer to last week's MadLib Monday: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen.  Congratulations to Anonymous for guessing that correctly.  For anyone who has not read any of Sarah Addison Allen's books, I highly recommend them (so far there are only two, but her third book comes out in March).  After I finished reading Garden Spells the first time, I couldn't bring myself to put the book down because I had loved it so much, so I carried it around with me for several days.  Seriously, it was that good.

Happy reading and guessing the book featured in today's MadLib!


Angie said...

Is the book Rebecca by Daphe DuMaurier (sp??)?? If so, love that book. One of my all-time favorites.

Jessie Sams said...

If I had to pick one favorite book, it would be Rebecca (though the books clamoring for that top position follow very closely behind). I really need to start integrating little prizes or something for the first person who guesses the book correctly--in this case, that would be you. What gave it away for you--the passage or the picture? I thought the picture might be a bit tricky for this book because there are so many different covers, but that first sentence is such a famous opening line... even with a few words missing.

Angie said...

It was the picture that did it for me. Not so much the building, but the swoop from the "R" in Rebecca. I'd recognize that swoop anywhere. Once I looked at the passage, though, I also recognized it as that book.

I love the idea of prizes!!

Jessie Sams said...

Oh, the swoopy "R." Yes, it does show up on all the modern covers; oddly enough, though, all the earlier covers have rather boring fonts with no swoopy letters to be found. Isn't it funny how fonts can become associated with titles? I wonder if the cover designer got royalties for deciding to use that swoopy R...

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