Monday, October 12, 2009

MadLib Monday 2: 10/12/09

Welcome to the second MadLib Monday!  The "rules" for completing the MadLib are the same as the first posting, so if you need to review, please refer back to that post (which is what is conveniently linked to the words "first posting").  Let's get started. . .

1.  verb
2.  noun
3.  amount of time
4.  verb (past participle)
5.  verb (past tense)
6.  preposition
7.  adjective
8.  adjective
9.  noun (singular)
10.  adverb
11.  pronoun
12.  adjective
13.  verb
14.  name of a person
15.  verb (past tense)
16.  verb
17.  verb (past participle)
18.  name of a place
19.  noun (singular)
20.  adjective
21.  verb
22.  noun (singular)
23.  measurement of length
24.  noun (plural)
25.  verb
26.  noun (singular)
27.  noun (singular)
28.  adjective
29.  verb (past tense)
30.  verb

And now for a bit of "taking care of business" to distract you from seeing the passage just yet...  First, I chose Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut as the book of the week, and I'd like to thank GoodBooksInc for recommending it because it is their current read for their Good Books Club.  And secondly, there is a new poll question on the left sidebar; I update it every Wednesday, so be sure to check that out and provide an answer in the next couple days--the deadline is noon on Wednesday.  I'll then do a posting this week based on the result of the poll (I say "result" in the singular, as there is currently only one vote).  If you have any suggested questions for future polls, please share them with me.

And now for the picture to go along with this week's MadLib. . .

I'd never given much thought to how I would ___(1)___ --though I'd had ___(2)___ enough in the last few ___(3)___ --but even if I had, I would not have ___(4)___ it like this.

I ___(5)___ without breathing ___(6)___ the ___(7)___ room, into the ___(8)___ eyes of the ___(9)___, and he looked ___(10)___ back at ___(11)___.

Surely it was a ___(12)___ way to ___(13)___, in the place of ___(14)___, someone I ___(15)___.  Noble, even.  That ought to ___(16)___ for something.

I knew that if I'd never ___(17)___ to ___(18)___, I wouldn't be facing ___(19)___ now.  But, ___(20)___ as I was, I couldn't bring myself to ___(21)___ the decision.  When life offers you a(n) ___(22)___   ___(23)___ beyond any of your ___(24)___, it's not reasonable to ___(25)___ when it comes to a(n) ___(26)___.

The ___(27)___ smiled in a ___(28)___ way as he ___(29)___ forward to ___(30)___ me.

Do know what book the above passage and picture are from?

Answer to last week's MadLib Monday: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Kudos to Billy for guessing that one right away.

Happy reading!


Anonymous said...


Jessie Sams said...

Anonymous, you are correct. Good eye!

Billy Longino said...

I've been wanting to read Mother Night for a while. I love Vonnegut. He was one of those people with the kind of a imagination that makes you think that humanity needs to either be wiped off the face of the Earth, so it goes, or praised for our unpredictable ascension to ever higher levels of sentience.

Jessie Sams said...

Billy, were you trying to master Vonnegut-isms in your comment? Your sentence structure reflects your complex feelings toward Vonnegut, thus showing how you've used one of (what I think are his genius) techniques of making the language reflect the situation. I was sort of pushed into reading Vonnegut when a high school friend challenged me to read "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater," and I've loved him since. I like how much I think while I'm reading his books--I couldn't read only Vonnegut-ish books, as sometimes I like to read solely for the sake of reading (and not having to think too deeply about the state of affairs of humanity), but I sure do enjoy them when I'm in the intellectual mind frame.

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