Monday, October 19, 2009

MadLib Monday 3: 10/19/09

Welcome to the third weekly MadLib feature.  If you need a refresher on the instructions, check out the first MadLib Monday.

  1. adjective
  2. name of a female
  3. noun
  4. verb (past tense)
  5. verb (past tense)
  6. adjective
  7. adverb
  8. noun
  9. noun (plural)
  10. noun (plural)
  11. noun (plural)
  12. noun (plural)
  13. name of a female (same name as #2)
  14. verb
  15. adjective
  16. verb (present participle [-ing])
  17. name (first or last name)
  18. adjective
  19. adjective
  20. name of a female (same name as #2)
  21. noun (plural)
  22. time of day
  23. adjective
  24. noun
  25. noun
  26. verb (past tense)
  27. body part
  28. verb (past tense)
  29. adverb
  30. noun (plural)
As you can see in the left sidebar, the new book of the week is Bitter Sweets by Roopa Farooki--the writing style is melodious, and the characters are fascinating (or at least I think they are).  Thank you to Angie for getting me the book (yes, it's taken me since Christmas to finally get around to reading it).  The poll question of the week (also in the left sidebar) has two more days before voting is closed; my goal was to get 10 votes, and I'm still ... oh, about 8 votes shy of that goal.  Please help me out by voting by Wednesday.  Thank you in advance!

And here is the picture to go with this week's book featured in our MadLib passage:

Every ___(1)___ moon, without fail, ___(2)___ dreamed of her ___(3)___.  She always ___(4)___ to stay awake those nights when the stars ___(5)___ and the moon was just a ___(6)___ sliver smiling ___(7)___ down at the ___(8)___, the way pretty women on vintage ___(9)___ used to smile as they sold ___(10)___ and ___(11)___.  On those ___(12)___ in the summer, ___(13)___ would ___(14)___ by the light of the ___(15)___ footpath lamps, weeding and ___(16)___ the night bloomers . . . .  These weren't a part of the ___(17)___ legacy of ___(18)___ flowers, but ___(19)___ as she often was, ___(20)___ had added ___(21)___ to the garden to give her something to do at ___(22)___ when she was so ___(23)___ that ___(24)___ singed the edge of her ___(25)___ and she ___(26)___ tiny fires with her ___(27)___.  What she ___(28)___ was ___(29)___ the same.  Long roads like ___(30)___ with no tails.

Can you guess the book that the picture and passage are taken from?

Answer from last week's MadLib Monday:  Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.  Kudos to "Anonymous" for guessing that correctly last week.


Anonymous said...

My guess is Garden Spells. Am I right?
By the way, I love your blog and check it almost daily. It's very informative, entertaining and at times, sentimental. Thanks for sharing your love of reading!

Jessie Sams said...

You are correct, Anonymous! I love that book.

Thank you for your kind words--I appreciate your readership. :) [I think I may have just made up a new use for the word 'readership'...]

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