Monday, November 9, 2009

MadLib Monday 6: 11/9/09

It is once again time for MadLib Monday!  If you need a refresher on the "rules," refer to the original posting here.

  1. adverb
  2. adjective
  3. adjective
  4. noun
  5. verb
  6. adjective
  7. verb (past tense)
  8. noun
  9. noun
  10. noun
  11. adjective
  12. verb (past tense)
  13. verb (past tense)
  14. noun
  15. noun
  16. verb (present participle)
  17. noun
  18. noun (same as #17)
  19. verb (past tense)
  20. adverb
  21. noun
  22. adjective
  23. verb
  24. noun (singular)
  25. noun
  26. number
  27. noun (plural)
  28. noun
  29. verb (past tense)
  30. amount of time

The poll for this week is in the left-hand sidebar, like usual, and is about reading styles: Are you a skimmer?  A note-taker?  Some interesting conversations have been floating around Twitter about how closely people read texts, which got me thinking about the different types of readers out there.  Vote on the poll by Wednesday, when I will post about the results.

Also, a monumental MadLib Monday is coming up in a month: my 10th MadLib Monday!  I think that calls for a celebration, and my form of celebration is to turn that MadLib Monday into a contest (and contests are not complete without a prize for the winner).  I will announce the details during that posting.

As a suggestion, a fun way to share the MadLibs you complete would be to include your MadLibbed version of the passage below in a comment.  I'd like to see what my readers are coming up with.

The picture to go with this week's passage is here:

The light hadn't even ___(1)___ turned ___(2)___ at the intersection of 17th and Broadway before an army of ___(3)___ yellow cabs roared past the tiny ___(4)___ I was attempting to ___(5)___ around the ___(6)___ streets.  Clutch, gas, shift (neutral to first? Or first to second?), release clutch, I ___(7)___ over and over in my ___(8)___, the mantra offering little ___(9)___ and even less ___(10)___ amid the ___(11)___ midday traffic.  The little car ___(12)___ wildly twice before it ___(13)___ forward through the ___(14)___.  My ___(15)___ flip-flopped in my chest.  Without ___(16)___, the lurching evened out and I began to pick up ___(17)___.  Lots of ___(18)___.  I ___(19)___ down to confirm ___(20)___ that I was only in second ___(21)___, but the rear end of a cab loomed so ___(22)___ in the windshield that I could do nothing but ___(23)___ my foot on the brake pedal so hard that my ___(24)___ snapped off.  ___(25)___!  Another pair of ___(26)___-dollar ___(27)___ sacrificed to my complete and utter lack of ___(28)___ under pressure: this ___(29)___ as my third such breakage this ___(30)___.

Can you guess which book the picture and passage are taken from?

Last week's MadLib answer: Bitter Sweets by Roopa Farooki, which no one guessed.

Please let me know if you are interested in seeing the original passages that I've used for MadLib Monday; I can begin posting the originals after the guessing period is over if people are interested in reading them.

Happy reading and MadLibbing!


Angie said...

The Devil Wears Prada???

Jessie Sams said...

You are correct! I thought it might be a bit more difficult since I used the original version of the book cover and not the movie version. I tried to be sneaky. :)

Angie said...

It was actually the passage that clued me in this time (it's usually the image). I vividly remember that particular passage describing her attempts to navigate NYC in a stick shift car. I literally laughed out loud reading that passage because, I too, had a similar first-time-driving-a-stick experience.

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