Monday, November 2, 2009

MadLib Monday 5: 11/2/09

It is once again time for MadLib Monday!  The rules are the same as always, but if you're new to MadLibs or simply want a refresher, you can refer back to the first MadLib Monday post.

  1. adverb
  2. adjective
  3. adjective
  4. noun (plural)
  5. location
  6. verb (past participle)
  7. adjective
  8. noun (plural)
  9. noun
  10. adjective
  11. noun (plural)
  12. location
  13. noun
  14. adverb
  15. verb (present participle)
  16. verb
  17. noun (plural)
  18. noun
  19. location
  20. adjective
  21. verb (past participle)
  22. verb
  23. noun
  24. adjective
  25. adjective
  26. adjective
  27. location (same as the location for #5)
  28. noun (plural)
  29. verb (present participle)
  30. noun (singular)
On Wednesday, I will once again be posting about the poll question, which is situated in the left sidebar; this week's question deals with what keeps you reading a book: content (plot) or style.  I know it's a tough choice for me, and I'm interested in hearing what you have to say about it.  I'll talk more about this on Wednesday, but the MadLibs I've been making were the inspiration for the poll question this week: Doing this MadLib feature is making me analyze the writing style of authors--when you have to pick out words and put part-of-speech labels on them, you start noticing what authors rely on modifiers and which base their sentences almost entirely on nouns and verbs; moreover, you start noticing exactly what words fill those slots for different authors.  Check back on Wednesday for the rest of that thought.

Now that I've sufficiently distracted you, here is the picture that goes along with this week's MadLib feature:

Henna was thirteen when she was __(1)__ married off to the ___(2)___ son of one of the ___(3)___ ___(4)___ in ___(5)___, and her marriage was ___(6)___ by a(n) ___(7)___ network of ___(8)___ as elaborate and brazen as the golden ___(9)___ on her ___(10)___ wedding sari.  Henna's paternal family were ___(11)___ by trade, shopkeepers from ___(12)___ who had made their ___(13)___ by ___(14)___ ___(15)___ powders and pastes of suspect origin, to ___(16)___ the boredom and fatigue of the British __(17)___ serving out their ___(18)___ in local government in ___(19)___.  Those ___(20)___ days had ___(21)___ with the British some ten years previously, but Henna's father was still never one to ___(22)___ a(n) ___(23)___ opportunity--when he heard that the ___(24)___, ___(25)___ and unusually ___(26)___ Karim family from ___(27)___ would be visiting their ___(28)___ around Dhaka, he wasted no time in ___(29)___ an effective ___(30)___.

Can you guess which book the photo and passage were taken from?

Last week's MadLib answer: Rebecca by Daphne duMaurier.  Kudos to Angie for guessing that one correctly (she relied on the photo to get it: the "swoopy" R graces the cover of may versions of Rebecca).

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