Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weekly Poll 12/2/09

The voting for the last poll question I asked closed a week ago, but I am just now getting around to writing about the results.  With the holidays and the end of the semester and life in general, I let my blogging slide--so much so that I barely remembered to write this post today, and I only have 46 minutes left before it's no longer Wednesday.

The question asked what you would like to receive if you were to win a contest on a book blog (one much like mine); out of the four choices, which were a book, book paraphernalia, a gift certificate, and other, all the votes were for the same one: a gift certificate.  I find that a wise choice, seeing as how it's not much fun to win a book if you've already got it or if you're not interested in reading it.  With a gift certificate, you get the power to choose, and isn't that something we Americans treasure?

The reason I asked that particular question is that I'm toying with the idea of doing a contest on my blog, and I wanted to find out what my readers would be most interested in receiving as a prize.  With only two votes, I only know what two of my readers want, but I have a sneaky suspicion most readers would agree with the assessment that we'd rather get money to spend however we'd like than get a specific prize.  It's like being on a game show and having the ability to take $15,000 in cash rather than the car that you don't really want.  When I decide exactly what I want to do with the contest, I will keep in mind the fact that my readers would appreciate gift certificates.

Thank you to those who voted, and remember to check out this week's question, which is posted in the left-hand sidebar.

Happy reading and voting!

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